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Telnet Groups years of experience allows us to have a very good understanding of where our customers and the industry have been, and where they are going. We can take you into the future of an ongoing evolution of technology.

Telnet Group has a full suite of communication solutions to meet customer’s needs.

  • On-Site Phone Solutions: Mitel, NEC, Allworx and IPitomy
  • Cloud Based Phone Solutions: Mitel, IPitomy, 8X8
  • On-Site and Cloud based video conference solutions: Lifesize and StarLeaf

Telnet Group services everything we install 24/7

Telnet Group has consistently ranked in the top 5% in customer satisfaction as measured by the manufactures we represent. 99% of the customers that purchase cloud or On-Site solutions from us retain our services for support. We are valued strategic partners that collaborate with our customers to create Technology Road Maps for their business that are sustainable and leverage the latest technology.

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