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Video Conference Systems – Manufacturers represented

Lifesize, pride themselves in connecting people to make their workplace great. By transporting people across cities, countries and continents with lifelike video conferencing, we help businesses work smarter. We deliver world-class audio, web and video conferencing wherever you are, whenever you need it. That’s collaboration by Lifesize — collaboration without complication.

Lifesize Video Conferencing Solutions

Lifesize video conference solutions deliver high quality HD images for a best in class user experience. The quality and reliability of the solution is derived from years of high quality premise based systems, now merged into a cloud platform with redundant data centers all over the globe.

Save time & money + communicate better. Why waste time at the airport, on a flight, in a hotel room, and going to meetings off site? A Lifesize video conference solution delivers face to face experiences with participants from all over the globe, interacting and easily sharing content in a setting that feels like everyone is in the same room. Easy to justify a move to Lifesize video conferencing with T&E expense reductions, but the real value is the time saved that can be devoted to productive endeavors multiplied by all team members.

Lifesize’s suite of video conference hardware is flexible and meets needs in large auditoriums, spacious conference rooms, small huddle conference rooms, easy to move mobile units, and individual user’s offices.

Lifesize’s video conference solution melds seamlessly into business data platforms like: Microsoft Office 365, along with the Skype For Business interface.

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